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Staying Healthy as a Weekend Warrior

Do you love sports? Here are a few surprising facts and actionable tips to stay healthy as a weekend warrior. Read More

Is My Leg Pain Coming from My Back?

It may seem odd to think that nagging leg, calf, or foot pain could be traced back to a low back problem… Read More

How to Move Your Way to Back Pain Relief

Movement is one of the best ways to find back pain relief. Discover the three types of movement you need to know about in our new blog. Read More

What Causes Low Back Pain?

Low back is a big issue in Los Angeles. In this new blog, we get to the bottom of a common question, what causes low back pain? Read More

Auto Injuries

Auto accidents are very common and often leave victims with debilitating pain and injuries. Among the worst injuries are those that affect the neck and back. At SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA, we can help. Our team offers natural, safe, and effective treatment methods for auto accident injuries and much more. We can help you get back to feeling your best. Read More

At Home Stretches

Effective Stretches for Working At Home Working from home provides a lot of great benefits and sometimes a lot of stiffness. Sitting at a desk for hours at a time can Read More

Work Station Ergonomics

With more people working from home, concerns have been on the rise about having an ergonomic work station. If you have an adequate home office, it is easier to make Read More

How Safe is Chiropractic Care?

There have been rumors going around for quite some time that regular visits to a chiropractor are unsafe. While chiropractors are doctors, we do not attend medical school and therefore are not considered Medical Doctors (MDs). For this reason, many people believe that there is no benefit to seeing a chiropractor or that we are fake doctors. Others feel that seeing someone who is not an MD for any health issues is not sound for safety reasons. I’d like to put those rumors to rest. Read More

Sciatica Treatment and Prevention from Our Los Angeles Chiropractor

Are you a Los Angeles-area resident currently dealing with radiating leg pain? Do your pain and other symptoms make it difficult to get through a day of work or participate in the activities you love? At Los Angeles Chiropractic SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center, our team has a range of diagnostic and treatment services to offer you or your loved one dealing when dealing with symptoms of sciatica. Learn more about how we can help you avoid surgery or reduce your reliance on medications. Read More

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Why should anyone suffer pain and discomfort when there is a ready solution? An incredible 95% of chiropractic care patients report that chiropractic treatments such as massage therapy have proven effective at reducing and managing their pain. Let’s explore the following fantastic benefits of massage therapy and see why now is the time you should say goodbye to pain with a visit to SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center in Los Angeles. Read More

How a Chiropractor Can Help Free You from Constant Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are things many of us tend to brush off as nothing serious. Still, they can prevent you from getting anything done if they turn out to be quite severe. Here at SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc. we help all Los Angeles, CA, residents dealing with those problems. Read More

Why You Should Visit a Chiropractor After You Sustained an Auto Accident Injury

There are not many things that are as devastating as an automobile accident. Unluckily, many car accidents occur in the US, resulting in auto accident injuries. These injuries range from mild to severe. Also, it is common for people to experience chronic issues from what might have looked like a minor accident. Are you a car accident victim and not sure where to start? We can help with that. Read More

Chiropractic Care

Most people know that a chiropractor can help treat injuries associated with an auto accident or a fall. What many people don't know is that there are benefits of chiropractic care that aren't directly associated with an injury. There are several ways that the SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center in Los Angeles can improve your overall health and well-being. Read More

Upper Back Pain

Dealing with upper back pain that limits your ability to do the things you love? While there are several potential culprits responsible for upper back pain, they all share one common thread: the spine. And at SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center in Los Angeles, CA, treating upper back pain is one of our specialties. To help you better understand what might be causing your pain and how we can help you find relief, we explain four of the most common causes of upper back pain below. Read More

Acupuncture is an important complement to chiropractic care

It is easy to assume that you only go to your chiropractor for chiropractic care and to your acupuncturist for acupuncture treatments, but some chiropractors offer both services. Chiropractic care Read More

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is one of the most commonly dislocated joints in the entire body. The shoulder joint is supported by surrounding tendons, muscles, and ligaments that are susceptible to injury. Forward and backward movement in the shoulder is possible because of its versatility in various motions. This continuous movement of arms in any direction can cause too much friction, thus subjecting your shoulder joint to pain. Don't let shoulder pain disrupt your daily life. Our team at SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center in Los Angeles is ready to help you live a pain-free life using our professional chiropractic services. Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 20 posts

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