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How often you visit a chiropractor will depend on several factors. At SoCal Neck & Back and Injury Center in Los Angeles, CA, we provide treatment for a wide range of conditions. In the acute phase of treatment, you can expect to see the chiropractor several times a week to start. If you are injured, or you have a chronic pain condition, it's time to see how a chiropractor can help.

Your First Few Weeks of Treatment

During your first few weeks with a chiropractor, you will see the chiropractor two or three times a week to get the most benefit out of your treatment. Once you go through an extensive evaluation to figure out what is going on, you will discuss your treatment goals. As you progress in treatment, you will begin to taper down your sessions to once a week. You will discuss your treatment progress with the chiropractor to decide when it is time to have fewer appointments.

What to Expect

If you are injured, you can expect consistent treatment with a chiropractor. You might receive chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, hot or cold therapy, or decompression strategies to reduce areas of compression. Once you have seen moderate improvement, you can see the chiropractor about once a month for maintenance therapy. Treatment will allow you to reduce pain, improves mobility, and helps to keep down inflammation.

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