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We are writing to inform you of a change in our insurance network here at SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center/SoCal Spinal Decompression Center.

As of December 16, 2022, our status with all Health Insurance plans will change. Although we will still accept Out of Network Health Insurance plans, we will no longer be in-network providers.

This decision has come because of our desire to put your care and our desire to be your doctor ahead of your Health Insurance’s paperwork and contractual requirements.

Unfortunately, things have changed to the degree where I am considered a “provider” to them and not a doctor. Consequently, as an in-network doctor, I am forced to treat you (my patients) according to their rules, rather than according to your needs or even how you want to be treated.  

To be clear, we are certainly not dismissing you as a patient 😉

The change on your end is that you will be subject to slightly different rates for your portion of care. We have researched this carefully in arriving at our decision and we do feel the additional burden is small, compared to the freedom and significantly increased benefits that this change affords both of us.

To help you navigate this change, we are willing to do a free benefits check for you to help determine the exact difference our network status will make.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We appreciate you trusting us with your healthcare needs in the past and we look forward to continuing to help you for many years to come.

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