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spinal decompression

At SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc in Los Angeles, we often use a decompression table during chiropractic visits to help ease headaches, cervical pain, nerve pain, and sciatica. But what exactly is a decompression table and how does spinal decompression work? In this post, we will answer those questions and more, so you can be better informed about the treatment you're receiving.

What is a decompression table?

A decompression table is a motorized device that slowly and gently stretches the spine. This type of therapy is also called spinal decompression therapy or traction therapy. Decompression therapy is usually performed in a series of sessions over several weeks. Each time your pain will get a little better, and the relief will last longer until you are back to your old self.

How does decompression therapy work?

During each session, you will lie on the decompression table while straps secure your hips and shoulders in place. The table will then gradually pull your body upward, gently stretching your spine. As the table pulls your body upward, there will be periods of complete relaxation between each pulling motion.

What type of pain does spinal decompression help?

The gentle stretching and pulling action of the decompression table can help relieve pressure on the spinal discs and nerves. This reduced pressure can relieve pain caused by conditions like herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and more.

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