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Why are Opioids so Dangerous?

It's estimated that over 200 million opioid prescriptions are written each year. This use and abuse have led to an epidemic that's been fueled by chronic pain. So, why are opioids so dangerous? Read More

Tennis Elbow? But I Don’t Even Play Tennis!

Tennis elbow isn't just for athletes. It’s a painful condition that occurs when the tendons in your elbow are inflamed and overloaded due to repetitive motion. Read More

Are You at Risk for Chronic Knee Pain?

Knees hurt? You're not alone. Chronic knee pain is thought to affect up to 25% of adults and can significantly limit both your mobility and quality of life. Discover how to take your life back from chronic knee pain. Read More

Your Hip and SI Joint: What’s the Difference?

While figuring out the difference between hip and SI joint pain can be extremely confusing, being able to identify which one is the culprit is crucial when you’re looking for relief. Read More

Shoulder Pain: How to Find Relief

Your shoulder is the most unstable and moveable joint in your body. If you have shoulder pain, here is how you can find relief. Read More

How to Get Rid of Daily Headaches

If you notice that your headaches are becoming more frequent and intense, it can be troubling. Daily headaches can make it challenging to have a high quality of life and can affect your work and home life. Here is how you can get rid of daily headaches. Read More

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

Do you know when you should see a chiropractor? Discover a few of the most popular reasons people visit chiropractors in my new blog. Read More

How to Reduce Your Risk of Sports Injuries

If you play sports long enough, you are bound to suffer an injury. Here are a few tips to reduce your risk and stay in the game. Read More

Can an Adjustment Help My Athletic Performance?

You may have heard that chiropractic care can help improve your athletic performance. Is it true? The truth is that many athletes work with chiropractors to improve their performance. Read More

Why Pro Athletes Choose Chiropractic

Discover why so many pro athletes use chiropractic care to recover, reduce their likelihood of injury, and get a performance edge. Read More

Staying Healthy as a Weekend Warrior

Do you love sports? Here are a few surprising facts and actionable tips to stay healthy as a weekend warrior. Read More

How to Move Your Way to Back Pain Relief

Movement is one of the best ways to find back pain relief. Discover the three types of movement you need to know about in our new blog. Read More

What Causes Low Back Pain?

Low back is a big issue in Los Angeles. In this new blog, we get to the bottom of a common question, what causes low back pain? Read More

Auto Injuries

Auto accidents are very common and often leave victims with debilitating pain and injuries. Among the worst injuries are those that affect the neck and back. At SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc., in Los Angeles, CA, we can help. Our team offers natural, safe, and effective treatment methods for auto accident injuries and much more. We can help you get back to feeling your best. Read More

At Home Stretches

Effective Stretches for Working At Home Working from home provides a lot of great benefits and sometimes a lot of stiffness. Sitting at a desk for hours at a time can Read More

Work Station Ergonomics

With more people working from home, concerns have been on the rise about having an ergonomic work station. If you have an adequate home office, it is easier to make Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 61 posts


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